“16 Dollars in a backstreet corner is enough for a beautiful day” (Volbeat – 16 Dollars)

16 Dollars Volbeat Tribute has a lot more simularities to Volbeat than you might guess at first glance.
We used to play death metal, just like Volbeat did when they were called Dominus.
We also play with only four musicians just to keep things simple and as close to the original as possible.
Furthermore we  like to think we have just as much fun playing these songs as Volbeat does.
Experience for yourselves what over seven years and an ever growing number of gigs of experience sounds and looks like at one of our many awesome shows.

4 friends, tons of energy, loads of heavy metal fun and a whole lot of VOLBEAT

Guitar/vocals – Pim Schram
Guitar – Frank de Groot
Bassguitar – Goran Bek
Drums – Maikel Wagelmans